Owning your Million Dollar Woman Mindset & Making Sales Sexy with The JW Method

In this episode, we have none other than the CEO & Founder of the JW Method herself... Jacqueline Relke talking all things M$W Mindset and 3 Things you can implement int your Sales & Business Strategy today in order to make Sales Sexy again đŸ€”

Jacqueline helps women unapologetically shatter the glass ceiling, so they can trade burnout for balance and stagnation for success. As an ex-corporate sales executive that soared up the corporate ladder by the age of 24, she has cumulatively managed over $700,000,000 in sales in 4 short years. Now running her own Multi-6-Figure Advisory + Consulting Agency, Jac is on a mission to make you a Million Dollar Woman.

Topics Discussed:

  • What is was like working as a Sales Executive in a Male Dominant Industry

  • Harnessing Feminine Energy when you are told you need to be Masculine to Succeed

  • Becoming a M$W is more than 000,000 in your bank account

  • Becoming a M$W is all about owning your 7 Figure Mindset & Showing up Unapologetically you regardless of what others have to say

  • 3 Action Steps you can Implement inside of your business today to create real impact and find the sexy in sales again

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