Make the damn decision to Commit to Success ...

I saw a brilliantly written post by the wonderful @sabrinamphilipp talking about how the key to truly succeeding is to decide that you WANT to succeed.

And it had me thinking about my previous launches and the types of clients I enrolled, the ones that stuck with me and the ones that eventually dropped off and the key find here was the ones that scaled to 20k+ months were the ones that had ALREADY made the decision to succeed. The ones that we’re HUNGRY to succeed and didn’t take giving up as an answer.

When you made your first Investment whether it was $100 or $10,000 ... do you remember staring at the sales page day after day contemplating if you should make the investment, stalking the coaches content to see if she was "reallllyyyyy" worth it and then one day you said FUCK IT ... I am doing this for my growth ... and you finally finished out the application, made the investment AND SAW MAJJJORRRR RESULTS.

Well ... it is not a coincidence, success happens when you decide to commit to it.

I have been in your shoes one too many times, I have felt that hesitation and that desperation, I have pulled the "I'll do it when I make XYZ..." but ultimately I was only prolonging the results I was craving.

I had to learn to start betting on myself, to start thinking like the highest version of my self and finally start trusting my self as a CEO and the decisions I make.

I am in the middle of Enrolling for the 12 Month Brand Accelerator Partnership again and I had to get super honest with myself about who I was going to accept into this program ... and I had to get cut throat!

This program is ONLY open to CEO’s who have already decided that success is the only path.

That no matter how tough this Industry gets, not matter how motivated you are .... you will still show up for you and your clients.

That you will show up to continue doing what lights you up!

So if you are ready to start scaling the multi passionate 7 figure business of your dreams ... Click here to apply now!