Is "Launch" Culture Causing too much Pressure?

I am pretty sure we can all agree... everyone and their best gal pal are either talking about Launching OR have created an offer about how to launch ... AND RIGHTFULLY SO!

Learning how to Launch and Launch successfully is a DOWNRIGHT necessary and amazing skillset to have, however, my concern is are we putting too much emphasis on it?

This Coaching & Service Pro space has a tendency to place pressure on trending concepts and strategies that ultimately leave bad ass CEO's feeling defeated, drained and missing the mark!

When INSTEAD they could be focusing on strategies and tactics that are ACTUALLY moving them forward.

For example lets look at 2017 & 2020 the years notorious for the uproar of memberships ... trends circle back every few years and every few years entrepreneurs keep falling into their traps.

Every time Memberships are back in trend every single person talks about them, starts one, creates an offer surrounding one ... and then it falls of trend and those offers are no longer as marketable.

They have drained:

➡️ Time

➡️ Money

➡️ Resources

Working on this offer for it to inevitably fall through a few months to a year later.

😰 Are you earning 6 to Multiple 6 Figures and still feel like you are on the hamster wheel of your launches? Do you find yourself feeling exhausted every quarter or 6 months when you are launching your signature programs ...

What If I said that you don't HAVE to launch?

AHHHH I know what the hell am I talking about, but I want to shift your perspective for a second.

When you build major celebrity authority and momentum inside of your business and behind your signature programs:

🤩 You have people coming TO YOU to join your 1:1 Programs

🤩 You have waitlists filled with people that are not just interested in your offer but are locked in for the following rounds months and years to come

🤩 Locking 60k - 100k in Sales before you even speak about offer front-facing

And let's be honest, If you have a signature offer that you launch on a regular basis ... PEOPLE SHOULD ALREADY KNOW YOU HAVE THAT OFFER!

So yes, Launching is Necessary but is it the ONLY strategy and tactic to use to sign on clients all year round when you are enrolling for your next offer? ... HELL TO THE NO 😤

If you have a signature offer and Launching feels too tiring for you right now it is time for you to book In a call with me! Let's work together to help you scale to multiple 6 & 7 figures without all the pressure, stress and noise that comes with being a high level entrepreneur.

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